The CEO says: The only thing that’s the same is that every night is different

We distributed morning papers and other articles in Western Skåne for the first time on 2 January. The premiere was very good. And now we’ve been working for 7 months.

Jessica Svenmar, CEO, what’s happened in the first six months?
“HD Sydsvenskan started Nim Distribution in Skåne AB to ensure the best possible conditions for commercial morning newspaper distribution at the right quality. We should all be proud of the results we deliver together. We know that we are enhancing and simplifying many mornings for people around what we call “Nim-country”.

E-commerce is increasing every second. Lots of people choose other news sources than newspapers. Does that influence production?
“It affects production a lot. The trends you described mean that we distribute other products to other recipients each night compared to the night before. Our customers are the companies that hire us to distribute morning newspapers, magazines, packages and other items. Everything indicates that their need for efficient, flexible distribution of the right quality will continue to increase.”

What are done to build Nim Distribution for the future?
“With transparency, dedication, integrity and business sense, we ensure the right delivery security every night. At the same time, we are developing a completely new production structure. Where you distributors get the highest possible level work rate. Right now, we are having discussions with the Transport Workers’ Union and Unionen on a new production structure.”
“The only thing that will meet our customers’ needs is a dynamic production structure. We have chosen the DI distribution system to ensure that our future production structure keeps on being dynamic.

Thanks Jessica
//Catarina Malmsten, Verksamhetsutvecklare