Making the difficult easy

Sustainable logistics and distribution solutions are one of the great societal challenges of our time. Based on our key words openness, commitment, integrity and business sense, we strive to make the difficult easy.

Our core business is the basis of our sustainability work. Co-distribution is environmentally smart, meaning that we distribute morning newspapers, e-commerce packages, etc. on the same trip and also at night. Distributor is a smart part-time work during night hours.

Constantly better for the environment

We are constantly improving all parts of our business. When it comes to the environment, we work actively to minimize CO2 emissions. We do it i.a. through electric bicycles and other electric vehicles wherever appropriate, company cars and compulsory training in eco-driving as well as trucks with fossil free HVO fuel.

We use renewable energy sources for premises, charging and more. Together with customers and partners, we develop production and distribution for less waste. We take care of the waste that arises despite efforts in the most environmentally friendly way possible. That is our goal.

Knowledge and commitment is another of our priority environmental aspects. Here at Nim, there are many different knowledge, experiences and perspectives that give extra power in the environmental and sustainable work.

Environmental Policy – Nim Distribution’s systematic environmental policy

We are a local distribution company that manages our environmental work based on our vision. Accessing the right knowledge, skills and tools, we take responsibility for our global footprint throughout the lifecycle of our services.

We make the difficult easy through…
… openness in environmental aspects.
… risk assessments made with integrity.
… business-like environmental goals.
… committed actions and active ongoing improvement work.