We offer a part time job during night

Distributor is an independent job with many advantages. Make money during night and have the day free.


As a distributor you will distribute newspapers, parcels and packages to recipients in all types of residents and companies. You work in an area that is given to you, following a schedule.

About you

We are searching for you who are thorough, can take responsibility for your working hours and enjoys your own company. You must be able to manage a smartphone, including navigating with a gps within the smartphone.

Among our distributors we have students, senior citizens, entrepreneurs or others who are looking for a main or extra income. We are proud over our diversity. You are welcome to have your first job working at Nim Distribution.

Working at night, when most others sleep, is different from many other jobs. Much because it means a slightly different rhythm when you have time off from work. If you are interested in working as a distributor you must consider this. Does such day rhythm fit into what you think is valuable in life?

Requirements – to be able to work for us you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be familiar with Swedish or English in speech and writing
  • Have a social security number
  • Have work permits
  • For car districts it is necessary that you have had an EU-driver’s license for minimum a year
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Salary and working hours

The scheduled working hour varies between districts. Normally you work 2,5-3 hours/night before 6AM on weekdays and before 7AM on weekends. A distributor without previous work experience will earn 135:64 SEK/hour (unsocial hours bonus to be added). The actual working time may vary from night to night.

If you are already employed and interested in changing position, districts or have any other questions regarding your work at us – contact your contact person.

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