Our offer

Nim Distribution reaches households and traders everyday, and that is before 06:00 o’clock (6:00 a.m). Our dedicated distributors constitute a distribution network that you can rely on the all the year around.

Hire us for distribution of:

  • Morning papers. We will handle all the morning distribution before 06:00 (6:00 a.m) in our geographical area. It doesn’t not matter where the newspaper has it’s editorial office.
  • Journals, magazines and free papers. We are hired for distribution of for example journals, customer magazines, membership papers/magazines, and free papers. Vi distribute to subscribers, retailers, stands located outside or other known recipients. Through the Swedish common home delivery company MTD, our services are nationwide.

To distribute addressed mail, you are required to have permission from the Post- and Telestyrelsen. We are certified post operators. We are members of the Free Post Operators Association and therefore members of the Forum for Real Estate Boxes.

We need to know:

  • Where the recipients are
  • Preferred distribution day/days
  • Quantity/Size of the edition
  • The parcels weight, format and amount of pages
  • If it is a one time order, or a recurring order

Welcome to contact us with your request.