1. When am I working?

This is a part time job and all distribution takes place during the early hours of the morning. Most work schedules are sometime between 02:00 and 06:00 on weekdays and between 2 AM and 7 AM on weekends. The actual working time may vary from night to night.

2. How much do I get paid?

How much you earn as a distributor depends on how many hours you work and how much experience you have. From May 1st 2019, starting salary is 138:81 SEK/hour + ”OB”. We have a union agreement with Transportarbetareförbundet.

3. What happens with my application?

Once you have submitted your application for a specific position, we work to process it as soon as possible. As we sometimes have many applicants, this may take some time, but our goal is for you to be notified in close connection with the last application date.

If you do not find a job that suits what you are looking for right now, you can also create a Job Alert. In this way, you will receive a notice to your email as soon as we are looking for a position that match what you are looking for.

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Post, newspapers, magazines, advertising, public service information, packages and other goods.

Nim Distribution will lend you the equipment necessary to distribute.

You will borrow a handheld device that contains information about what you are going to distribute on the current day.

You will receive a district in which you distribute, each district has a collection point where you collect the material you will be distributing. We have many collection points and we strive to get your materials as close to the district you distribute in as possible. You will get exact information about your collection point on the day of your employment.

To be able to distribute safely from our cars requires a lot of concentration and focus. You shall always be aware of traffic and your surroundings – while driving a car that is driven from the right side and at the same time distribute the right package to the right recipient. Therefore we need documented habits of driving, at least for a year. We will educate you in environmental driving as part of our environmental work.

Normally a probationary passes automatically to a permanent position, a permanent job. If you don’t get any other information you have a permanent position when your probation has expired. You will not receive a new proof of employment. The first proof of employment will apply for the permanent position.

Distributors are organised by Transportarbetareförbundet and the officials by Unionen.