The best path of contact for your inquiry

Nim Distribution hires Premo for this customer support service. They will handle all of your questions when it comes to editions, deliveries, credits, returns, newspaper boxes, temporary halt of deliveries and contract questions, etc. Contact Premo here:

Returning morning papers

As a retailer of morning newspapers you reserve the full right to return unsold newspapers. Only the newspapers that you have sold will be invoiced. The remainder of the newspapers must be reported and this is done at the web service, Here, you will also find more thorough information regarding how to report returns.


Preserv is a collaboration between Sweden’s distributors. When a retailer would like to start retailing papers, then you can turn to Preserv who will help you to start the deliveries of mornings papers, evening papers, weekly papers and also foreign press. Preserv will coordinate this so that you have the same customer number and login code to different web services. You can also contact Preserv if you want to change your customer information, for example a new organisation number after a company change, or if you wish to terminate the retail of morning papers. More detailed information about Preservs services can be found here:

Other products

Other products such as foreign newspapers, ATGs free program, campaign material from ATG or Svenska Spel, etc are co-distributed with the morning newspapers, but the customer service that you are to contact when it comes to matters regarding these products is the publisher for the product in question. If you are unsure about who to contact then you will find the information needed next to the barcode that is on the newspaper/parcel.