Anki Cederholm

Distributor and company owner

I started in the 90´s. My husband and I had just started our own company when the economic crisis hit, then we together applied for jobs as distributors and since then it has been going forward. It has become like a poison and now our son are also working as a distributor. My husband and I are fit and healthy and with what we earn on distribution we can give ourselves a treat every now and then, we hike and travel a lot – often to Berlin that we love.

It is an independent job and you take care of yourself. I don’t think it’s difficult to be alone. But you can´t think that this is a job you can do with one hand, cause you need to think. I am also a supervisor for new distributors, so I get to meet people from all over the world and help them start. You become like a pedagogue with time and learn to read people. It’s a lot of fun!

I work weekdays every week and have my own firm with private cleaning. You can combine it if you can recharge your energy quickly. You can´t be a distributor if you can´t get up at night. I have always been alert, can put my head on the pillow and sleep a few hours before its back up to work again. Of course there are rainy and stormy days when it can be a bit difficult at first, but when you come home you feel content.

”The interesting thing about my work is that it enables me to get familiarized with swedish names and environments as an international student. Working as a distributor is a blessing to the many international students who wants to combine work with academia.”– Mubarik


Distributor and student

I’m a student at Lund University, writing my Master thesis in the field of Biology, Plant Science. Studying in Lund has for me been less stressful than in Ethiopia where I had more scheduled hours. So when I heard about the job from a friend who works as a distributor, I applied on the website. After the third time I was called to a meeting.

I was actually told about the job already in Ethiopia from friends that have studied in Sweden and worked extra as distributors to save up money. They suggested I take the opportunity to work. It’s a good job for a student because it doesn’t affect your study time. Some students only have scheduled lectures a few times a week and have more time to work.

When I started as a distributor, it was Christmas break so I could sleep after my round, it was easy. When classes started again I found it difficult to get enough sleep which is why I’m only working weekends now.

Sometimes I get questions about what it’s like working during night in the dark, when it’s cold and if it’s safe. I feel it’s safe. My district is really nice – buildings with elevators and it’s not that wide. It can be very difficult in the winter, but you have to dress warm, be courageous and think about your goal. And when it’s not cold it’s a very nice job!