About placement of mailbox, mail slot and newspaper clamp

Placement of mailbox

The mailbox is to be placed within the limits of a lawn or in a cluster of mailboxes. The distance from the ground to the slot on the box is to be approximately 100 cm, according to the recommendations from the Post and Telecom Authority.

Placement of mail slots

The mail slots are to be no lower than 60 cm, and no higher than 125 cm above the floor. A mail slot is to be at least 23 cm in width and 3 cm in height and must not require more than 8 Newtons* to open. According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority and Swedish Standard (SS-EN 13724). *1 Newton is equal to approximately the weight of a smaller 

Placement of newspaper clamp

The newspaper clamp is to be placed next to the door at a height between 90 and 110 cm above the floor. The recommendation of the trade.