Nim Distribution is a local distribution company in western Skåne. Our keywords are commitment,openness, integrity and business sense.

We distribute mainly morning newspapers, magazines and similar products. Packages and addressed items, in cooperation with MTD* as well as advertisements and public information, also reaches its recipient through us.

We distribute in and around these locations: Bjuv, Burlöv, Båstad, Helsingborg, Höganäs, Klippan, Kävlinge, Landskrona, Lomma, Lund, Malmö, Perstorp, Staffanstorp, Svalöv, Svedala, Vellinge, Åstorp, Ängelholm och Örkelljunga.

We are happy and proud to through our employees have access to a unique combination of innovation, knowledge and many years of experience. This makes the perfect foundation for creative solutions.

And new, creative solutions are required. The morning paper is important for our democracy – and challenged by the changed media landscape. By simplifying the difficult parts we ensure early access to the morning newspaper. At the same time we create opportunities for work and growth for individuals, companies and the society we are part of.

Nim Distribution – or Nim Distribution i Skåne AB, as is our formal name, is owned by HD-Sydsvenskan, part of Bonnier News. We are owners in MTD* and the service company Tidningsbärarna.

Good to know: In the transition from Tidningsbärarna KB new year 2017/2018 company cars and other resources from Tidningsbärarna, became Nim Distribution properties. This is why you can still see TB-cars on the streets and distributors in TB-jackets. That is as it should be and in best consensus between us and Tidningsbärarna.

*MTD is a distribution network covering all of Sweden.