Hi Åstorp!

In our new production structure, our production starts at night from two hubs and just over 30 nodes. Produktionsledare (PL) leads all activities from the hubs.

David Uppling, project manager Production structure 2.0, where will the hubs and nodes be located?

– The southern part of the operation is led from Hub Nim Syd at Olsgårsgatan 5 in Malmö. Here is the hub sambo with packing facilities and a node.

– The northern part will be led from the new Hub Nim Norr. We can now also tell that Hub Nim Norr will move in to Persbogatan 2, in Åstorp. Already now we have started to be seen here with our company cars and trailers, and we look forward to moving in fully later in the spring.

On the nodes Produktionsansvariga (PA), PL’s extended arms, together with distributors and other employees each night ensure delivery efficiency and delivery reliability in the surrounding geography.

Where do we have nodes?

-Just now we have 5 nodes that started, all in Malmö. Where the other nodes will open, it is intensively worked with. It is a cornerstone of our transition for the future.

Would you like to join us? We are current hiring to several jobs – including to Åstorp >>