Nim Distribution i Skåne AB reboots for the future

Nim Distribution i Skåne AB is experiencing a growing demand for early-morning distribution of tomorrow’s e-commerce packages and other products. Distributing e-commerce packages brings a positive contributes to commercial morning newspaper distribution. At the same time this more varied product mix challenges our current structures.

As a result, we are currently working towards the more dynamic production structure we need to continue to offer efficient, flexible distribution services. The goal is that the new production structure will be fully implemented by the summer of 2019. Our goal is to offer distributors jobs with as high an employment rate as possible.

As part of this transformation, Nim Distribution i Skåne AB has today submitted a notice of redundancies to the Employment Service concerning 25 permanent employment contracts and 30 fixed-term employment contracts for part-time distributors in Malmö. It is a very sad but unavoidable result of the transformation we need to make.

“The risk of having to release knowledgeable and committed employees is very sad. Together with the unions we will do our utmost to implement this as well as possible for those people who may be affected”, says CEO Jessica Svenmar.

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