Looking for: Facilities

Our customers demand an effective and flexible distribution. We need a new dynamic production structure to meet our customers demands. We must change now to protect the distribution of morning papers both now and in the future. Now we are looking for facilities. Are you our next landlord? Contact us using this form >>

David Uppling, Project manager, what kind of facilities are we looking for and when?
– We are looking for facilities for our night time distribution between 01:00-07:00.

– Our distributors will start and finish their work at a node. The node will offer a place for conversation between supervisor and colleagues. To to be able to offer a good, functional work environment, the nodes will be planned and furnished for sorting, packing and loading of the products. It is a must that we kan store our aids in or around the node in a smart and secure manner.

– The products that are to be distributed will be transported to the node. Cages on wheels will be used in the transport. Therefore the facility should be located on ground level. Although some really good facilities have been located in the basement or in a garage.

Where are you looking for facilities? Can they be located in densely populated areas?
– Right now we are looking for facilities in Malmö, more specifically: Limhamn, Slottsstaden and Holma/Hyllie. The size of the facility should be between 100-200 square meters. The size is a not set in stone and we are open to suggestions!

– In the longer term we are looking for facilities throughout our distribution area. We are well aware that we often work in densely populated areas where we need to show great consideration because our working hours are many peoples resting hours. We have long experience working nights and have learned from feedback.

Sharing economy is hot. How do you see the possibilities of sharing a facility with another company?
– Of course! We are more than happy to cooperate with others. It would be nice to share common areas such as pantry. One prerequisite is that we can have our own dedicated area for example. bicycles and sorting. The reason is simple: we operate in a very short time window and need to find each thing in its place.

Are you our next landlord? Contact us using this form >>

Thank you David!
//Catarina Malmsten, Verksamhetsutvecklare